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solo stationery solo stationery solo stationery solo stationery solo stationery
Solo Keeps you Organised
Business File (BF101) pack of 10 pcs.
Frosted polycovers.
A4 Compatible
Holds upto 160 sheets.


Computer CD Wallet, Zipper (CD096)
Holds upto 96 CDs
Zipper closure
Super-fine quality


Pad Board with Envelope Pocket (PB111)
Clip board in F/C size.
texture on polyboard
use in Offices, hospitals


Time Saver Permanent Flipper Index Tabs, Set of 2 (IT001)
Flip open the right Chapter.
Non-tearing durable polyme.
20 double sided tabs


Multi-Function Bag with two pockets, MFA62, Mix color, Set of 4 pcs
A6 size
Water resistant
Easy to use


Multipen Holder (DS101)
With 4 Sections
Transparent and sleek design
Made in high quality resins.


Kinetica Pencil Leads HB 0.5x60mm, Pack of 24 tubes (LPHB5)
High break resistance
20 leads in a tube
Excellent quality


Delux Clip File (DC111)
Delux Clip File
F/C Compatible
Holds up to 180 sheets


LamEdge File (KF 102) pack of 10 pcs
LamEdge File (Executive)
Special exclusive clip
Deluxe clip to hold sheets .


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