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Display File, 40 Pockets, Zipper Closure, (ZB 012)
Hold upto six sheet each
Available in F/C size
Zipper Closure for safety


Display File (DF 230)
30 Clear view pocket
Hold upto 150 sheets inside.
Appropriate polycover thick.


Rollover Show File (DF402) Landscape
20 clear view pockets.
A4 Compatible
Special Velcro closure.


Certificate Display File (DF502) - 20 pockets
Designed to keep certificat.
B/4 Compatible
Extra large pockets.


Display File (DF 501) - 20 pockets
20 Clear view pockets
Extra large pockets.
A3 Compatible


Display File (ZB 011) Zipper closure
Zipper Closure for safety
Available in F/C size
Hold upto six sheet each.


Display File (DF 302) Side Loading
20 Pockets (Side Loading)
Appropriate polycover
Extra large pockets


Display File (DF 213) - 60 pockets
F/C Compatible
Display File - 60 Pockets
Hold upto 200 sheets


Display File (DF212) - 40 Pockets
40 Clear view pockets
Available in F/C size .
Poly propylene pockets.


Display File (DF 211) - 20 Pockets
20 Clear pockets F/C Size
Extra large pockets
Store Important Documents


Display File (DF 210) - 10 Pockets
Available in F/C size
Appropriate,legal documents
Non-stick embossed


Display File (DF 204) - 80 Pockets
Display File - 80 Pockets
Hold upto six sheet in each.
Designs,photos,contracts etc


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